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Startup Guide

Have a big idea? Dreaming of ‘Kab Banega Crore pati’? Driving down the road…and flash!
You hit upon an idea that could change the world. An idea that will put you into the annals of history
as a pioneer… but how and where do you start? I’ll help you find out.


Diversity Management (new)

Business ON your own, not OF your own -

Starting your own venture? - Capitalise on your

When the going gets tough, the tough get

Start small, make it big!

If you want to be an Entrepreneur - Part I

Entrepreneurs- Two of a kind

The Five Know-What’s for getting successful

I have a dream

Head quarters at home


Be your own 'Master'

The key to successful startups

Meet John Chambers, CEO@Cisco

Narayana Narayana!! The Infosys 'Murthy'

Be a Trade'marksman'

Taking the entrepreneurial plunge

Training options for the entrepreneur

When all you need is Money…

Fund raising is not hair-raising if you...

'Brand new' gestation

Having what it takes


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