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Ask Murali

Ever wondered what it takes to have a successful career? Ask the man your boss consults!!

Whether it's an issue concerning your job, workplace, or decisions regarding your career, get the facts from the man who had probably been there to help your boss even... Ask Murali, Now !

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About the Man

Mr.T.Muralidharan, is a Chemical Engineer from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai and has an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He set up one of India's leading recruitment house and the largest Recruitment Advertising agency, TMI Network.
His main area of work is career planning. He is actively involved in top and senior level recruitment of professionals in leading industrial houses and MNCs like Pepsi, Castrol, Citicorp, Tata group, Henkel, Nagarjuna Group, Somany Group, Wrigley's, Ford, ConAgra, BPL, Godrej, GE Group, Oracle, Novell, Motorola, Wipro Group, Hughes Software, HCL, Metamor, IBM, KPMG and Dupont.

Presently the CEO of Career Community.com Ltd, he will personally reply to your queries.

Q. I am a commerce and law graduate, at present I am doing Company Secretary Course and I have passed II Group of Its Intermediate stage.

My question is whether I am moving in right direction?. After acquiring Company Secretary qualification, can I get good monetary returns? I want to work in Finance & Legal sector whether Company Secretary Qualification will serve both my needs?

A : Your LLb and ACS qualifications complement each other. If you really want to be successful and make money, you have to focus and specialise in one area. When all agreements of WTO becomes fully operational, demand for consultants in WTO related matters will be very high. Second area is IPR and related issues. Third is International Arbitrage, again based on WTO regulations, multinational companies may opt for arbitrage instead filing in courts. Lawyers are best-suited to specialise in the above areas.

Q. I am at present working as a computer operator in a small organisation. I have completed a course in web technologies that includes java,html,asp,cgi/perl,dhtml,javascript. Can I get a job with the educational qualification that I have ?

A : A job would only be possible if you had formal qualifications at least a degree, but since you are still in the first year of your graduation, you could try teaching in computer training institutes involved in web technologies. You could also do programming for free lance projects. You might get a job if you are lucky, but my advice to is to continue your education even after you get a job. Also keep in touch with all these Internet Technologies even when you are doing your B.Com.

Q. I want to be a programmer. As currently I'm working as web designer which is the best way to become a programmer.

A : In order to become a programmer, you will first of all need to acquire the programming skills by doing a course in Java, ASP, Web Technologies etc. My suggestion to you would be to do an MCA which will help you to better your career and will get you a firm foot holding in the IT job market. If it isn't possible for you to do a full-time MCA, you could always try to a correspondence course through IGNOU.

Q. Dear Sir when I will get a good job.I have done MCA and doing job as S/W Engineer but not a satisfactory job.I have skills-ASP,HTML,VBScript,JavaScript,IIS and MS-Access

A : There is nothing like a good job, yes there are well-paying jobs and jobs in good companies. You haven't mentioned if you are working currently or not, I'll assume you are not. At this stage in your career, you need to concentrate on getting a job in the area you are interested in or the skills you are proficient in. Take a job with a small company, gather an experience for atleast 2 years, be well-versed in those skills and then shift to a bigger company after aquiring a few more skills. You may have to compromise on the salary aspect but after acquiring enough experience you can look forward to a job with a good pay and in a good company.

Q. I have about 21 years of experience in multivarious industries, the last 8 out of which 5 years has been in the IT industry. I moved into the internet field as early as 1995.I have held very senior positions incld CEO.WHOLETIME DIRECTOR etc in software and other industries in the SME segment.I have merged an internet start up of mine with a US SOFTWARE major and currently work as a VP.

What kind of co will I fit in
What is the salary band I should shoot for
Do costs compensate for ESOP which I will forfeit

A : Typically you would fit in as head of Business Development or head of a new business in a medium to large scale company, the salary band could vary from 12-20 lacs, and if you are very attractive one can seek a compensation for ESOP but if the amount is very large, it is difficult. Please send your detailed C.V. if you have any further questions.

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