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Privacy Policy

CareerMosaicIndia.com is the premier Internet employment community for job seekers and employers whereby its contents are hosted over the Internet through its Internet web site known as CareerMosaicIndia.com at URL - www.CareerMosaicIndia.com.

The various services offered by CareerMosaicIndia.com may/will entail retention of user and client information, or any preference data collected through its sites, in order to enable it to provide services for its users and clients.

At CareerMosaicIndia.com our principle concern is the responsible use of information that users and clients share and disclose to us.CareerMosaicIndia's commitment towards guaranteed confidentiality and privacy at all times is clearly articulated in our Privacy Policy.This document details the policies of CareerMosaicIndia.com regarding Internet privacy issues to help users and clients understand the roles that technology and electronic commerce play in the collection and use of information provided.

CareerMosaicIndia.com wishes to ensure user confidence by promoting the principles of disclosure and fair information practices at our site.

Collecting Personal Information We collect information that users provide voluntarily to us, including registration information, employment resumes, and career profiles.

CareerMosaicIndia.com does not provide any information of users to a third party unless CareerMosaicIndia.com specifically informs users at the time of collection or unless the users themselves give express consent.

The resumes are used for the purpose of job applications, and users themselves submit their resumes to prospective employers when applying online for a position. We have listed below the different types of information that are collected -

1. Registration Information
CareerMosaicIndia.com requires users of MyMosaic services to supply personal information during the Account Registration process. Specifically, users must supply the following: user selected login ID and password, first and last name, email address, birthday, city, state, and country. These are vital to CareerMosaicIndia.com for internal verification of user identity. Occasionally CareerMosaicIndia.com will send to registered users emails regarding updates to the web site.

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