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Indian Talent

Prahlad Kakkar -
Man with a flavour for life

Success in the creative world lies in your ability to capture the simple, identifiable, everyday small things. In the words of Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Genius is seeing what everyone has seen, and thinking what no one has thought. This is how I would like to define one of India's finest ad filmmaker Prahlad Kakkar. From "Khatmal Niwas" to his own cigar brand PK, Kakkar's journey has been one filled with infinite variety and innovation.

Besides a hectic work schedule Kakkar manages a teahouse in Mumbai, runs a jazz club and trains people in scuba diving in his own school located in Lakshwadeep. He has been inducted into the Indian Ad Film Makers Hall of Fame.

A graduate from Fergusson College, Pune, he started work in 1972, with filmmaker Shyam Benegal. His monthly income was Rs. 300, which, he spend in setting up an office table at "Khatmal Niwas''(the place was infested with mosquitoes, therefore the name).

For six years, he assisted Benegal in making ad films and art films, example Ankur, Manthan, and Bhumika. He later went on to set up his own production house "Genesis". Initially he accepted anything that came his way. The difference was in the way he presented those ads. In his words they were special, irreverent and over a period of time it became a style.

The one thing Kakkar detests is a "boring script''. However, if he happens to come across one that can put a smile to his face, he crafts it into a memorable film. According to Kakkar it's the human element in ad film that makes all the difference. Being able to pick up mannerisms and emotions are the key to a successful film. The idea is to be able to relate to human emotions.

He is against the use of technology for the sake of technology. Unless and until it is vital to the script, Kakkar avoids it, since it has little or no value.

Presently, he directs TV commercials, trains assistants and sets them up. He has no qualms about teaching youngsters his style. That's the only way to stay young. For Kakkar, being young at heart makes all the difference. Of all the ad filmmakers, Kakkar works for the youngest brands in the market. Pepsi, Kit Kat, Nestle, Maggie Sauces and many more. He believes to understand the young, you have to be young yourself.



Prannoy Roy - News Star of ‘Star News’

Prannoy Roy was born on October 15, 1949. He graduated from Doon School and went on to Haileybury (UK) to get his A-levels. He did a BSc with distinction from London University, after which he qualified as a Chartered Accountant. He pursued a Ph.D from the Delhi School of Economics where he also taught for a year.

In 1987 Prannay Roy shifted to the electronic media. He had people glued to their television sets with “The World this Week”. He is responsible for changing the face of news broadcasting almost beyond recognition. He is aptly termed the brand-equity of New Delhi Television (NDTV).

Sophisticated…handsome… cerebral and a man of few words! Prannoy Roy is more than just an anchor in Star News. He is an economist, a chartered accountant, an author, a computer man owning a software company, a commentator on current affairs and the owner of New Delhi Television.

He is responsible for making political news interesting! It does not matter which political party wins or loses during the elections, one man wins: Prannoy Roy. He dominates the election scene more than any political leader. His speech is soft, facts well researched, and his predictions savvy. He has made Indian elections less mystical and more mathematical, the one whose prime time all the time. In 1989 in collaboration with the Marketing and Research Group (MARG) he conducted an exit poll where he interviewed 77,000 voters who were leaving the polling booths after exercising their vote. He predicted the win of Congress, and when the results were declared Roy had hit the nail on the head!!

He's up at the crack of dawn to play golf and then dashes off to his office for a series of meetings and edit conferences. At the end of the day when most of us are ready to hit the sack Roy is saying, almost in a tone of apology, "We'll be back after a short commercial break. Stay with us."


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