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Resume Tips

Resume Writing Tips

A resume is as good as an advertisement for oneself. Ensure that you market yourself well
It's your resume, so make it as professional as you can
The sole purpose of your resume is to ensure that you are short-listed for that much-wanted interview
It is advisable to hand over your resume directly to the person who will be doing the hiring
Avoid making a flashy resume. Keep it simple and precise.
Avoid using coloured envelopes or papers
Get your resume proof-read! There should be NO mistakes! It reflects carelessness
There should be no misspelled words or incorrect grammar.
Print your resume on quality bond paper. Do not use dot matrix, it is not only outdated, but does not appeal to read either. Instead, use a laser print.
Use clean paper devoid of smudges, marks, or creases
Your resume should be easy to read. Using "bulleted points" is helpful.
Keep sentences short and concise. Use action verbs.
Avoid the usage of: I, me, my, and "Resume of."
Use text formatting utilities like bold, underline, or italic to emphasise relevant sections in the resume.

Possible sections on a resume include:

Summary of Qualifications
Education & Training Work Experience Other Experience
Related Experience Skills Computer Skills
Additional Information Awards and Merits Publications


Left and right margins should be no smaller than one inch
Make sure that the document looks balanced and attractive
Use a conservative, pleasant, and readable font

Highlight your skills and characteristics on the resume and cover letter. Examples:

Honest Dependable Excellent interpersonal skills
Team oriented Organised Manage time well
Work well under pressure Flexible Quick learner
Leadership skills Enthusiastic Assertive
Friendly Presentation skills Sincere
Thorough Tactful

Remember, it takes time to draft a great resume. Good luck!

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