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Why CareerMosaicIndia ?

Why CareerMosaicIndia?

We endeavor to customize our product offerings to help make recruiting, a smarter and more effective process. This essentially means that you can –

Access the only one stop shop for recruitment, recruitment advertising and recruitment media.
Build your employer brand through GEP (Good Employer Proposition)
Manage the visibility and performance of your own postings.

How we can make this happen?

So, What can you expect from CareerMosaicIndia ? We are supported by TMI Network, India’s largest recruitment advertising agency and among the leading search & selection companies, with a decade of experience in Indian talent market. TMI Network has pioneered the creative recruitment advertising niche in Indian media and has more than 300 corporate relationships. With offices in 7 India cities, Dubai, Singapore and with plans of expansion in the USA; TMI Network has a wide reach. This unique combination of expertise in the Offline & Online recruitment arena will help us serve our clients better.

So how does CareerMosaicIndia achieve this?

a. Focus on quality not quantity by building Good Employer Brand.

b. Reduction in the entire recruitment cycle time

c. Reduction in the cost incurred per recruitment

d. Attracting the passive jobseeker in addition to the active jobseeker.

CareerMosaicIndia understands that every emplyer has different priorities – right from timeframes to budgetary issues. CareerMosaicIndia thus offers a range of products to suit individual employer needs.


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